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Tucker Stone Newsletter – September 2020

The Coaching Edition

Moyra Corbett

We know you are being bombarded with pandemic-related newsletters at the moment which are no remedy for your Zoom-fatigued brain. So instead we have decided to dedicate this newsletter to a different ‘C’ word – not Covid but Coaching.

It’s a word that can provoke a strong response. It can either invoke a genuine delight or produce raised eyebrows and a high degree of cynicism. For many people, coaching is an invaluable resource that has helped them gain confidence, clarity, and those “lightbulb moments”. For others, it may seem a waste of money & time, and yet another HR fad!

In this edition of the Tucker Stone newsletter we are sharing some different, highly qualified, perspectives on coaching, on how and where it has proved to be of significant value, across all levels within an organisation – not just the select few in leadership.

For the HR profession, it has been a hugely testing few months – one which has required people to find solutions to significant challenges with no clear trodden path to follow; to support teams through incredibly tough decisions; and to work with leaders who themselves have struggled with new working conditions. In this context, coaching has, for some, proved to be invaluable – giving individuals the much-needed headspace to reflect, regroup and move forward. Yet we also recognise that it may seem like a huge cost, especially in these times where every penny counts. In our articles, we will see examples of where organisations have continued to invest in coaching, either at an individual, or team level, and evidence of some stand-out benefits, as well as some common themes emerging.

Coaching is frequently only offered at the highest levels of leadership or as a retention/development tool for top talent. Yet there is an increasing need for it to be used as a vehicle that can benefit a wider audience.

This newsletter explores; the role that coaching has played during change and transformation; how coaching can be made more accessible, thus impacting engagement and culture; themes and learning that have emerged from conversations with Executive Leadership Teams during the last few months.

Tucker Stone Onboarding coaching

As part of Tucker Stone’s continued commitment to developing HR leaders and their teams we can now offer onboarding coaching. A significant investment of time and money goes into the resourcing process, and our clients realise new joiners need to feel supported from an early stage in what is an exciting but potentially unsettling period.

Where does its value lie?

Research shows the cost of failed hires is extremely high and 40% of new leaders fail in their first eighteen months

  • Candidates are now joining organisations in a very different way. Supporting the onboarding from the start can help individuals establish themselves more effectively at a faster pace.
  • It can provide the mind, space and time to think about how an individual wants to show up, be heard and develop the right relationships, working through early challenges or concerns.
  • Coaching with an external partner can be a trusted space to work through issues that may be potential derailers and, also enable reflection on the early successes and how to build on those.
  • Currently, individuals starting a new role may not meet anyone face to face for some time and can only base their perceptions of how to get things done from a series of video calls. Coaching can help establish confidence in a newly digital space.
  • Given the pace and complexity of all that is happening in organisations right now, someone joining may feel anxious about asking questions such as: What’s the best way to get things done around here? They may feel isolated unable to forge their own network or tribe.
  • Coaching in the first few months can help an individual to reflect on what is working well; what is keeping them awake at night and what do they want to do differently. Removing some of the mental blocks that may be appearing and helping them to work out a path forward.
  • Starting a new role is always daunting and there will be moments when an individual will think – what am I doing? Coaching provides the opportunity for an organisation to support an individual in that critical first few months, and to help the employee find their feet more quickly.

What can we offer?

We provide coaching to organisations/individuals transitioning into a new role through a tailored package of 1-1 coaching sessions.

If you would like to know more about this, we would love to hear from you. We recognise that resources are tight for many businesses right now, but we know with certainty that investing in the people you have worked so hard to find will have an amazing impact.

Each newsletter we ask our Partners in the wider HR Community to provide commentary and expert opinion in their field and in this issue we are delighted to welcome:

Ann Paul
Executive Coach and Principal Consultant at Q5 Partners

Ann supports organisations through transformation and change by helping them develop their leaders, culture and change capabilities. With over 20 years’ experience as both an in-house HR professional and in consulting roles, her work is grounded in extensive experience of implementing and supporting leaders through change.

How can coaching support leaders through a period of unprecedented change?

“CCoaching has long been recognised as an effective way of supporting leaders in their development. Working with a coach can increase a person’s effectiveness by providing time for reflection, building self-awareness and helping them plan their actions to increase their impact. Coaching can be a catalyst for change and also a support during change. Often it is most effective when introduced at a time of professional transition or transformation – on starting a new role, picking up a challenging project, working with a new team, moving to a new organisation – times when the individual can’t necessarily rely on their established playbook. When encountering a new situation or set of challenges, what they did before may not be what they need now and might actually be what they don’t need.”

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Jo Taylor
Managing Director of Let’s Talk Talent

For over 25 years, Jo Taylor has been working in Talent Management & OD, starting her career at the BBC as a storyteller – which gives her a unique insight into HR. Launching Let’s Talk Talent in 2015, Jo is currently delivering a wide range of Talent & OD projects for global clients with the aim of ensuring that people and organisations “unlock their potential in people”.

Coaching on Demand

How to use virtual coaching as part of your L&D kit bag to support and motivate your talent pool

“At Let’s Talk Talent, we are huge fans of using coaching as a tool to unlock people’s potential. We have launched our very own on-demand coaching service, which allows us to focus a great amount of time on meeting talented staff and future leaders on a one-to-one basis and help them grow. In 2020 alone, we have led over 150 hours of coaching. This work has helped us gather valuable insight into which situations can truly benefit, what makes a successful session and how to prepare effectively. We thought we would share our main findings below. Findings born out of lots and lots of interviews commissioned by dozens of great clients, all of whom committed to connecting their people with their own specific purposes.”

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These articles can be found on the Forum section of our website along with other contributions from the team and our network.

Mark Ladds
Director – Interim Practice

At the very end of last year I sat down to write an interim market update and life, as we all know, was very, very different. The market was buoyant, businesses were in the final throes of planning for a successful 2020 and the mere suggestion of entire companies working remotely would have been met with more than just raised eyebrows. That said, with all my well-intentioned predictions thrown firmly out the window within the first couple of months of 2020, how has the interim HR market fared subsequently?

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Tucker Stone has always worked flexibly so the move to 100% home-working has been easier for us than some. Like everyone we adapted fast to entirely virtual working for lockdown and those first few, trying months. But whilst we are not regularly travelling to an office, we are all now venturing out and meeting candidates and clients for lunches or walking meetings, without or without dogs!

There have also been some significant new arrivals during lockdown and we are delighted to announce the birth of Huxley to Luke Snowdon and his partner Carly, who (as you can see) is taking the crisis in his stride. Whilst he has loved having doting Dad around, he has gently enquired when we will be reopening the London office…

Olivia welcomed a new puppy to her ever-expanding menagerie in Suffolk, and Hugo’s eldest daughter, Poppy, raised over £500 for the NHS running a mile an hour over 12 hours, despite her cynical Dad saying she might require some training… which she clearly didn’t!

Martha Peck has re-joined us from the furlough scheme and will be managing candidates and providing much needed Research resource. And most importantly, Tori who had the foresight to Lockdown in Yorkshire, has finally returned to the capital. Yorkshire’s loss is London’s gain!

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