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Tucker Stone Newsletter – February 2020

Tucker Stone Newsletter – February 2020


Olivia Stone
Joint MD & Founder

Some of you may already know, from our recent excited posts, that we are celebrating 10 years of Tucker Stone this year.  Hugo and I agree that it has been a fantastic journey.  This significant milestone has prompted much reminiscing, and we will be publishing some “Where are they now?” profiles throughout this anniversary year. We hope to showcase a few of the incredible career journeys of HR leaders that we have been lucky enough to play a small part in shaping.

Watch this space!

Whilst it has been indulgent to look back over the last 10 years, we are more eager to find out what the next 10 years will bring – not just for Tucker Stone and our amazing team, but for our wider HR network.  Fast forward to 2030.  What will our companies look and feel like? Will we have employees as we know them now? What, truly, is the future of work? What does this mean for our HR leadership community?

These are scary questions, and are unsettling for many of us as we think of our places in the workplace now, and whether we will still have relevance in a decade’s time.  Experts all agree on one thing: in a world where technology, process and product is ubiquitous and replicable, people are the only true, unique asset a company can hope for.

Many companies have gone to great lengths to keep employees fit and healthy, to improve performance.  In this issue of our Tucker Stone newsletter, we are looking at the importance of having a healthy mind.  We are lucky enough to have contributors who have all dedicated their working lives to understanding how we can protect, enhance and nurture our employees mental health. Understanding mental wellbeing has never been more important to optimising the performance of employees.  A cursory glance at the statistics makes compelling reading:

£120.7 billion – the cost of financial stress to the UK economy
£26 billion – cost of mental health problems to UK employers
£1,035 the cost PER EMPLOYEE associated with poor mental health in UK

Reading these articles, you will see there are solutions available, and they aren’t expensive, time-consuming or difficult to implement.  Quite the opposite – little interventions can have a HUGE impact.

Each newsletter we ask our Partners in the wider HR Community to provide commentary and expert opinion in their field and in this issue we are delighted to welcome:

Dr Paola Carr-Walker
Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Founder of Mental Health Now

As a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist with over 20 years of experience in the public and private sectors, Paola has worked on the front line in the understanding and treatment of those with severe mental disorders. In 2018 she founded to help individuals and organisations improve mental health in the workplace.

How we, as leaders, can nurture positive mental health at work

“Change is a part of life and business and the pace of change is quickening. Managing change well means being aware of the impact it has on individuals – I like to think of this as making the workplace more human. Over the last 15 years there have been some big advances in understanding what we can do to help people have their best mental health and thrive through change. Based on my experience as a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, I want to suggest some simple steps that we can all take to play our role in moving beyond policy and initiative to being leaders and role models of the change we want to see in the workplace. This draws on the observation that change is most effective when it is open and collaborative – creating a movement that engages individuals in creating solutions rather than following a top down campaign.”

Continue reading…

Megan Smith
Senior Advisor, FLM Wealth Management

Megan provides personalised wealth management solutions, which sets individuals free from financial worry and helps them achieve their goals over the long-term. She strives to build long lasting relationships with clients and work effectively on their behalf to help save them money.

Sink or Swim: Financial Wellbeing for Employees

“Mental health has been at the forefront of HR’s agendas over the last few years, but should this not go hand in hand with financial wellbeing? Financial stress costs the UK economy £120.7 billion a year and over 17.5 million working hours are lost per year through employees being absent due to financial stress. Shockingly, 70% of employees admit to wasting 1/5th of their time at work worrying about their personal financial situation.”

Continue reading…

Dr. Serra Pitts
Scientific Director, 87%

For the last 10 years, Serra has developed clinical assessments for the medical community in the UK and Europe. Her research has focused on mental wellbeing in the workplace, and she is part of the NHS Thrive and Survive programme for doctors and practitioners. Serra is also a member of the British Psychological Society’s Executive Committee.

Improving mental health – data is the answer

“According to a recent BITC report, 61% of employees said they experienced mental health issues where their work was a contributing factor. Add the fact that only 30% of managers know how to support their staff with a mental health challenge, and we can already predict the impact this will have on HR.”

Continue reading…

These articles can be found on the Forum section of our website along with other contributions from the team and our network.

Mark Ladds
Director – Interim Practice

2020 sees the start of a new decade and there is plenty happening this year alone. Last Friday saw a conclusion to the 3½ year saga that is Brexit, this summer sees Tokyo host the Olympics, November will see another nail-biting US presidential election and, possibly beating all of those (just!), this year sees the official launch of Tucker Stone’s dedicated Interim Practice.

I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to lead this new practice and we’re all extremely excited about how this additional offering will complement the already excellent work our team of HR search consultants have been providing the market for many years now.

As part of this I will be sharing insight on topics pertinent to the interim market in each of our newsletters and there is nothing more talked about at present than the imminent implementation of IR35.

Continue reading…

We are also delighted to have Moyra Corbett amongst us!  Moyra is a highly respected HR search consultant with a significant and extremely loyal network who partner with her because of her highly intuitive, values-driven approach to search.  She has not only run her own business successfully for 10 years, but has also been part of HR senior management teams in FMCG and is an executive coach. Moyra brings a wealth of knowledge to the team and we’re thrilled to have her at Tucker Stone.

Matt Wallis has been the driving force behind the inaugural HR Future Leader Mentoring Programme which launched in November 2019. Here’s Matt with news on the programme so far:

In order to ensure that we remain at the forefront of HR thought leadership, and an integral part of our clients’ people journeys, we believe in creating environments where future HR leaders can learn and develop their craft.  With this in mind, we have created the ‘Tucker Stone – HR Future Leader Mentoring Programme’ with the express purpose of building future capability within the function.

In 2019 we chose 5 HR Directors who are valued members of the Tucker Stone network, and who are viewed by our team as being at the forefront of HR thinking and capability, to be our mentors.

Each mentor has since nominated a direct report within their HR team, who they believe to be a future HR leader, to be a mentee for the programme. These mentees were interviewed by Matt Wallis, (the Programme Director) and paired with the most appropriate mentor to ensure their experience and insight met with the mentees aspirations.

Whilst the scheme is still in its infancy, we have already hosted 2 very successful cohort events and the mentors and mentees have been able to share their personal aspirations and experiences in a supportive 1-2-1 and group environment. We currently have representation from BT, Bloomberg, Costa Coffee, BAT, PepsiCo.

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